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This Is Why Kash Doll Broke Up With Her Fiancé And Is Rumored To Be Having A Fling With French Montana


It wasn’t long ago when Kash Doll was engaged and ready to settle down but broke her engagement and returned the ring and went home and is grateful according to her for waking up in peace and thanking God for everyday!

But what happened?! Well according to our little birdie, Kash found out that her husband to be was sleeping around and more specifically that he was hooking up with prostitutes!

One of the girls apparently approached Kash and offered the information on her fiancé and wanted money to exchange hands!

Our little birdie tells us that Kimberly was ready and willing to pay before the information got to her and she was so heartbroken she couldn’t face him!

She broke it up and moved on with her life and has since been searching to heal except the murmurs are said to be heavy on her and wishes people would leave her be!

The girl says all this was going down in Memphis, Tennessee and she has videos and messages of them setting up their meet ups!

Asked why she was letting up now, she notes that she noticed the man was changing, no longer giving her money, setting up dates and never showing up and leaving her to struggle with the motel bills and she thought he was about to dump her and she got at him first!

So apparently Kash Doll is now having a fling with French Montana and has been showering her with gifts of all sizes and most notable was the load of flowers he secretly send her meaning she never named him as the sender even after flexing with them online!

But that even complicates things further because we know recently French Montana has been more linked to Doja Cat and been taking voyages with her as we reported here!

Anyway it’s always an enjoyable time for some tea! Let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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