Fri. Jan 15th, 2021

King Avon knew there was a call made for his head far as back as February this year!

The now deceased star according to sources is said to have been more cautious, more alert and more keen when moving in public places for some time now!

Our little birdie referred us to a tweet he made back in February which he says the slain rapper did while with him and told him what was going on!

A beef erupted between him and another rapper that escalated pitting him against the other and they both of them put numbers on each other’s head over the matter!

King Von was considered the aggressor pained by things being taken from him or rather believing his secrets were being peddled to the other rapper!

In the consequence of demanding for respect on the streets, the other crew put out a call on him which was so serious it put King Von in corner almost facing all people who once were his friends!

But without flinching, he moved on and changed things around and would question everything including people he didn’t know if they were around him or people he knew if they just happened to pull up without an invite!

We asked our little birdie if personal threats were made or how did he actually know someone was targeting him!

In response the little birdie says YES. Threats were made to King Von personally and he knew he was targeted personally and returned those threats in kind so it was a case of who gets who first!

But Von is said to have in recent times relaxed thinking that was all water under the bridge now and though he still held beef with some people, he didn’t now consider taking their lives as an option anymore!

So when he was gunned down and how he was gunned down amounts to execution but because they lured him out then he still looks like the aggressor and them as defending themselves although our little birdie say Quando wasn’t the one who put the call out but his mans actioned the call!

We can’t go into more details for now as the police are still doing their thing but the plot indeed thickens and our little birdie finished by telling us that this was a matter for the streets and King Avon’s death will be retaliated for on the streets!

Keep it MM for all your entertainment stories that affect you!

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