Fri. Jan 15th, 2021

When Drake first took up the mantle of 6ix God, what might have been a self-aggrandizing title quickly became an unquestionable truth.

Look no further than his position as an ambassador of the Toronto Raptors, which has all but cemented him as a fixture in the world of Toronto sports; not to mention the fact that he’s probably the only rapper capable of naming three hockey players off the top of the dome.

Suffice it to say, Drake has embraced his roots to the fullest, and it’s hard to deny that the man has serious pull in his home city.

Case in point, the recent display adorning the CN Tower, which seemed to indicate that Certified Lover Boy is on its way.

During a recent Instagram story, Drizzy shared an image of the Toronto landmark, which was covered in hearts — a reference to the project’s romantic motif, which has already drawn division from the rapper’s passionate fanbase.

No matter where you stand on Drake’s upcoming album title, it’s hard not to be impressed at the extent of his reach.

Not everybody can simply stamp their brand atop an iconic landscape, but it’s clear that the love between Drake and the city of Toronto is as mutual as it gets.

And while he has yet to reveal an official release date — though October is right around the corner — this latest display seems to suggest that the project is coming sooner rather than later.

Between this and the Lil Durk-assisted “Laugh Now Cry Later,” it’s safe to say we’re in the middle of a rollout as we speak.

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