Fri. Jan 15th, 2021

Following our report as launched below, Tay K’s team has responded and called a bluff to the rapper being in any form of trouble inside prison!

Speaking through Tay K’s Instagram, the team said that Tay K was staying out of trouble, had not touched anybody or hurt anybody inside there and the report below was basically media fabrication!

They added that appeals to his sentence are ongoing and he will be home soon!

Rapper Tay K is one disturbed younging and his life has just not turned out as he expected!

After getting 55 year sentence in a murder charge where he was found guilty of killing a man and making his first music video about it,

The rapper was taken into the pen to serve his sentence but now according to source that 55 year sentence is about to get mileage!

The former rapper whose career is practically over, allegedly got into a scuffle with a prison guard and ended up stubbing him!

He has since been charged with knowingly looking to cause bodily harm with a weapon and awaits judgment!

We will keep you posted as we receive more information!

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