Sun. Jan 17th, 2021

President Elect Joe Biden took a fall and sustained hairline fractures in the middle right foot area and according to those present, it was the most painful thing they have seen!

But the incoming president was in quickly in care of the best in the world. His dog is safe as he took a tumble playing with it!

And according to updates, he will be in plaster fix for months and so as if to get us used to his new look, the president showed up for his event to name his new cabinet popping the walking boot on his right foot!

The president was quick to downplay the seriousness of his injury lifting his leg up high and throwing thumbs up when asked how he was feeling!

He must be in loads of pain killers but that notwithstanding the president is active, of right mind and excited to taken on his new job with all the majesty it takes!

[videopress jzxZ8pck]

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