Thu. Jan 21st, 2021
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Sir Mo Farah was “really annoyed” when his wife let slip he has a snake phobia – after he deliberately didn’t tell ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ bosses.

The Olympian’s significant other Tania Nell accidentally told some of the producers about his fear of serpents when they came to check on Mo during his pre-show isolation, but she was unaware he had kept his hatred of reptiles a secret from the programme’s big wigs, and after the visit he became “really nervous” about coming face-to-face with snakes on the series.

Asked what he was most worried about on ‘I’m A Celebrity’, she said: “Definitely the snakes.

“I let slip to the producers, when they came to check on us in isolation, that he was scared of snakes. And I thought he’d already told them that. Obviously, he hadn’t, and he was really annoyed I’d told them. He said, ‘Well that’s it, they’re going to give me snakes now.’ And I said, ‘I thought you had already told them that?’

“And he said, ‘Of course I didn’t tell them.’

“So the last couple of days he was like, ‘I’m going to get snakes, I’m going to get snakes.’ He started getting really nervous about the whole thing, because he realised he hadn’t gotten away with the snake phobia.

“I want to see that [Mo do a trial] – because he can handle anything – except snakes.”

Tania also admitted Mo would “rather starve” than eat something he isn’t keen on, and it “might get to him” if he has to go without coffee and sugar for too long.

Speaking on ‘This Morning’, she added: “If he’s used to the food and he’s had something similar before he’ll eat it.

“But if it’s something he doesn’t like he’d rather starve, he’s that kind of guy. He’d rather go without. He does have a massive sweet tooth, so anything that’s got sugar in he’ll eat. I’ve never seen him hangry [irritable as a result of being hungry], but he does love his coffee and sugar, so I think that might get to him.”

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