Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

King Von’s sister Kaylab has revealed that the rapper had a baby on the way. Von was a dad of 3 already and without giving a name of who the baby is by, the sister said there was a blessing on the way.

King Von died after being shot point blank by Quando Rondo’s man Lul Timm who has since been charged with murder in regards with his death.

Quando Rondo and his legal team are however strongly claiming it was self-defense and expect the man to come home as the courts throw out the case.

However King Von’s sister was quick to clarify that it doesn’t matter what happens King Von was going to get justice and asked that Lul Timm be released so he can get popped!

Now as we told you before, this las likes talking and the attention that comes with it and has trended since Von died and it looks like she is not ready to go away yet rather even fill the shoes of the fallen rapper!

Is she able to do it, only time will tell! We are chasing some leads on who the baby mama is and who King Von was about to have another baby with probably our first suspicions is of the lady she was with in the car that night before she got shot but we will wait to confirm.

We are sure though it is not Asian Doll and are also reaching out to know what she has to say of these new revelations!

In addition to this, Kaylab had other bombshells to deliver after claiming that those that organized the funeral of King Von did a whack job!

The sister claims that the funeral was cheap, hurriedly organized and didn’t match the standards befitting such a fallen rapper.

She went as far as claiming that the family was pissed at the whole thing! She called the funeral bogus and noted that the people organizing it didn’t care after all that he did for them.

She says the funeral was actually embarrassing!


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