Wed. Jan 27th, 2021
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Kelsey Nicole, the former best friend of Megan Thee Stallion rocked the boat big time when she finally opened up about what happened that night of Megan shooting!

She had initially promised to do a tell all interview with a leading platform but in the end she just went live on her Instagram page and dropped the tea unexpectedly!

The lass who appears to have been pissed off at Megan for all that has gone down, revealed that Megan took her man and not only that she found out while she was already giving him a good time!

“I mean the truth is — In your song you said ‘I want the n*ggas — I want the n*gga you got or something,” Kelsey said on live. “We all know that I ain’t ever wanted none of your n*ggas. It was really — come to find out…yo ass was f*cking with a n*gga behind my back that I was on first.”

Kelsey continued: “That ain’t right ’cause you was supposed to be my best friend. We laugh at bitches that do that sh*t to each other. We not supposed to do that sh*t to each other. So stop playing with me.”

The rant on live came the same night Kelsey dropped a diss track aimed a Meg called “Bussin’ Back.”

“Who I’m taking shots at?/ Bitch I’m busting you/Couldn’t control your little feelings/ Look what dick is costing you / It was all good yeah about a week ago/ Shout out Bobby Shmurda but this bitch is really tweaking tho/ If I was the one with the gun you woulda heard about a murder/ Said her back was turned but the girl know who really hurt her.”

Apart from talking about Megan taking her man, Kelsey also collaborated Tory Lanez explanation of what happened that night when Megan got shot claiming she had her head turned and claims to know who hurt her!

She also claims if she was the one with the gun, we would have heard about a murder.

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