Mon. Jan 25th, 2021
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One million viewers were tuned into Verzuz before Jeezy and Gucci Mane even made an appearance on the Magic City stage.

As viewers waited for nearly an hour after the show was scheduled to start, fans and celebrities flooded the comment section with predictions: would the two artists, who have been beefing for 15+ years, make it through this entire performance without an altercation?

Gucci came out of the gate with a diss track targeting his opponent as Jeezy stood his ground as an untouchable force in the rap game.

Brief words were exchanged, tense moments were had, and it felt as if at any moment, things were going to go left.

At one point, after Gucci performed yet another song that took aim at Jeezy and his deceased friend, the Snowman called for a truce for the culture.

Guwop didn’t seem to acknowledge the effort at reconciliation, and the tense exchange of tracks continued.

However, it was all a ruse. By the time the Verzuz concluded, there were 1.7 active viewers watching Jeezy and Gucci Mane’s match-up, and in a surprise move, the pair of rappers shared the stage for the 2005 collaborative track “Icy.”

The show ended with them celebrating one another, mending whatever previous animosity they had in the past, and acknowledging one another’s accomplishments before heading off to the after-party.

It was a stunning moment that fans were excited to see, and it proved that Verzuz is a force that can change the culture for the better.

Of course, fans began calling for another pair of beefing rappers to mend their ire on Verzuz, but we won’t hold our breath for 50 Cent and Ja Rule anytime soon.

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