Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

Goons vandalised the late Nipsey Hussle’s TMC store but who was behind the goons?! Stay with us as we expose them!

The rapper was fond of using “the marathon continues” slogan and as you may recall, his would be associates in Crips filed for a lawsuit claiming to have been the masterminds of the slogan and therefore wanted a share of his business!

There was a major backlash online and Nipsey Hussle’s fans went off on the crips for the application and called out the gang!

Crips would later withdraw their lawsuit and apologise for any inconveniences caused by their lawsuit and promised to respect the wishes of Laura London and Nipsey’s family!

But it didn’t end there, they would later after a meeting they held resolve that they needed to go after and benefit financially from Nipsey Hussle’s success because they according to them “made him” and just giving everything to the family wasn’t gonna cut it!

They were divided on the matter and their leader stood by Nipsey’s family while some influential members in the gang didn’t care about Nipsey or his family and wanted their company back or Laura continue paying a certain fee to the gang!

To that end they filed to register Marathon trademarks for various services which then in their justification, claimed that;

“The Crips organization has long used the phrase ‘The Marathon Continues’ as our ideology slogan in the past. Ermias, became a well-known Crip and the phrase became popularized.”

Their forcing hand had Nipsey’s brother Samiel Asghedom come to the forefront of the fight and he filed a case where he sued Crips LLC. over trademark rights to “The Marathon Continues”—a slogan that had clearly become synonymous with Nipsey’s brand.

The suit claimed the Los Angeles-based street gang attempted to trademark the phrase “for various services” and clothing in 2019, just a couple of months after Nipsey was fatally shot.

The estate pointed out that the family already secured “Marathon” trademarks for various services and products, including Nipsey’s clothing store.

Now the cases and the trademark registrations slowly make their way through the system but the gang continues to watch as Nipsey’s family continues to make money without giving them a cut and this according to our sources makes them some members so pissed off they decided to take matters in their hands!

Their hand-line is give us a cut to the business or we run you out of town!

Both Laura and Simiel never responded to their requests which they have been sending oftenly! The gang then started making their intentions more clearer by sending direct threats to the family!

We are told by our little birdie that the close family of Nipsey no longer even go to the store! It is run by a dependable team around trusted Nipsey’s men and so the crips threats to them weren’t amounting to anything!

To this end the crips then promised to take down the business and so none of them eat or basically make any money from the shop!

While all this was happening, Laura and Simiel made sure to put Nipsey’s paperwork straight and instead altered Nipsey store registration to The Marathon Clothing and made this the LLC under which Nipsey’s companies run under!

This move angered Crips further because remember they had filed to trademark the marathon continues and the family undercut them by lifting their businesses away from this particular slogan so now it’s just a slogan tied to Nipsey in the streets but not directly to his businesses!

The crips then knew to this end their fight was over as they could not legally go after The Marathon Clothing LLC because it was independent to any of their claimed ties!

To this end then they resolved to go back to their threat of chasing Nipsey and his family out of the hood which brings us to today!

They send goons to vandalise the store and one more threat stands! They promised to burn down the entire outfit if their demands are not met!

And that ladies and gentlemen is who is attacking Nipsey Hussle and his family and if they do not stop we will then expose exactly who are the influential members forcing their hand and refusing to let Nipsey HUSSLE Rest In Peace and his family enjoy what small wealth he left them behind!

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