Wed. Jan 27th, 2021
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Colorado investigators are searching for a felon nicknamed “Psycho” in connection with the discovery of three human bodies on two rural properties near the state’s New Mexico border.

Law enforcement officials believe Andre “Psycho” Baroz, 26, was involved with three bodies that were found on a pair of properties outside the rural town of Los Sauces in the San Luis Valley. Police found the bodies while serving a search warrant related to a stolen vehicle or construction equipment.

According to the Denver Post, law enforcement agencies have a warrant for his arrest, but would not elaborate on their theory linking Baroz to the bodies.

Alamosa police Chief Ken Anderson warned the public to avoid interacting with Baroz.

“He should be considered at this time armed and dangerous — he should not be contacted by the public,” he said during a press briefing Wednesday. “Our main goal is to get him off the street. So I’m asking for assistance for community members.”

Baroz has a long criminal history; he has assault, escape and theft convictions as well as open charges alleging drug crimes, obstructing government operations, assault and possessing a weapon as a felon.

Police have not yet identified the bodies found on the properties. They have not been able to determine cause of death, the time of their death, their ages or their sexes due to decomposition.

Law enforcement in the region has been investigating several missing persons’ reports over the last few months. There is no evidence at this time that the three bodies are related to any of those reports.

“Ultimately there are a few families who will be told the remains are those of their loved ones, and there are many families that will be told that they’re not,” Colorado Bureau of Investigation Director John Camper said. “Either way, it’s a traumatic blow.”

Investigators were unwilling to classify the killings as the work of a serial killer as of Wednesday.

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