Wed. Jan 27th, 2021
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As we reported before, rapper Casanova is now locked up and facing racketeering charges after his girlfriend’s best friend snitched on his crew taking down 18 members!

The girlfriend of the rapper Jazzy has broken her silence since her best friend took down her man and his crew!

According to Jazzy, she is repping 2x to death and she will never waiver! She then proceeds to explain how difficult a time it was as she took her man to hand himself in to the FEDs!

Casanova 2X Girlfriend’s Best Friend Snitched On The Rapper & His Crew

She noted she knows what he is up against but she is confident he will win!

She added she wanted to hold him in her arms and scratch her back like he loves her doing! She says though that he is the strongest man she knows!

She says he doesn’t run from his problems and faces them like a man! She insists don’t believe everything you see and that they are going to fight for his freedom!

”Last night was the longest,worst,emotional ride of my life riding with my husband to surrender hisself knowing what he’s up against. I just wanted to hold him in my arms and scratch is back (like he loves me to do) forever at that moment but He’s the strongest man I know and one thing about Cas is he dont run from his problems he faces them like a man. We gon get through this. Don’t believe everything you see! my husband is innocent until proven guilty always remember that and we’re gonna fight for his freedom! I love you baby me and Cassie got you like you had us and I’m still repping 2❌ 2thedeath.”

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