Wed. Jan 27th, 2021
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Rapper Boosie Badazz seems to have cut the corner and is out of the woods after reports previously we received indicated that his leg that he got shot on was not getting better and it was bringing about complications that were being added on upon by his Diabetes situation.

However a week after, Boosie is back on social media and that is enough an indication that things are turning for the better.

The rapper revealed that his baby mamas had given him all his kids to spend time with him at his mansion as he watched them play and engage in different activities noting that. “he needed this!”

But that was not all, the rapper also revealed that it was now his mother who was taking care of him and nursing him even when the pain was too much to bare.

The rapper posting on his social media noted that;

“When you are in real pain, gotta call mum. #mamasboy!”

We wish you Boosie a quick recovery and cannot wait for you to be back on your feet. We got so much to work on! Let’s go!

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