Mon. Jan 25th, 2021
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Just weeks after announcing she was off the market and premiered her new boyfriend, B. Simone is back on the news and this time because she decided to hop on Onlyfans.

The platform has become a tempting money maker for many a celebrities and even seen some break their families so they can just be free enough to get on it and make those millions.

While it gives you legit money, it also entails removing your clothes and hawking your naked body sometimes in self-deprecating acts just so you can make sum!

B. Simone knows how to hustle as she has her own beauty brand as well as her music and comedy careers, so it was only a matter of time before she brought in dough from OnlyFans.

She joins names like Amber Rose, Chris Brown, Tyga, Rubi Rose, LisaRaye McCoy, Michael B. Jordan, Swae LEe, Cardi B, Jordyn Woods, and dozens of others who have launched pages and raked in big bucks through the fan-friendly—and often adult—site.

B. Simone made the announcement on her Instagram Story as she shared a black and white photo of herself where it looked as if she was wearing only her underwear while text covered her breasts.

She gave viewers instructions on how they could access her OF, but it’s unclear what subscribers can expect.

Earlier this year, B. Simone was entangled in controversy after she was accused of plagiarizing bloggers to create her manifestation book.

After going viral, she quickly apologized for the mix-up, but it doesn’t seem like people have let that scandal go because they had quite a bit to say about it after learning she’d launched an OF. Check out a few responses below. Will you be subscribing?

So where does all this leave her new relationship and her man, nobody knows but we will sure be keen to see if the guy stays on, joins her on her escapades on Onlyfans or what happens! Keep it MM.

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