Wed. Jan 27th, 2021
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King Von died a senseless death just One week after releasing his debut album Welcome to O’Block. The celebrated rapper was gunned down in front of an Atlanta hookah bar.

The news shocked many and among them his former girlfriend Asian Doll who since his death has been celebrating their times and memories together on social media with her followers.

A suspect has since been arrested in connection with the murder and stands accused of pulling the trigger and leading to Von’s death.

The man in question is an entourage member of the rapper that King Von was involved in a brawl with outside the bar before he was shot.

King Von had gotten into a fist fight with rapper Quando Rondo whom he was giving a beat down before his mans Lul Tim approached them and shot King Von at point blank.

But as the wheels of justice take their long and tall turns towards bringing to book those involved, Asian Doll took to a tattoo shop and tatted her entire hand with King Von’s face.

The rapper premiering the tattoo on social media wrote that;

“You Kno How It Go We Dont Even Play Like Dat Dayvon 🤍This The HARDEST Tattoo On My Body.”

Asian Doll has been having difficulties accepting Von is gone and has been sharing with her following how crazy it has been and maybe this tattoo will begin to give her some kind of closure.

We saw this before when Nipsey Hussle died and his longtime girlfriend and fiancee tatted the deceased rapper on her entire arm taking the internet by a storm by her move and at the time telling her followers that it was for life what she had with Nipsey.

It appears it was a move that Asian dogged as Von died in the same circumstances as Nip.

Check out the tattoo Asian did below and let us know what you think on the comments down below.

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