Wed. Jan 27th, 2021
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When 6ix9ine hits the news it’s always in multiple items and he knows how to keep us busy but it is what it is!

The rapper as we reported before, got into an altercation that almost turned physical after he walked into the same club as Gervonta Davis!

The rapper showing his gangster side since he snitched on his entire team, came forth in the club and exchanged words with the boxing champion before their people calmed the situations down!

Fast forward and today, Sara Molina took to her page to call out the rapper over their daughter!

Apparently while on call with her mother about an issue concerning their daughter, 6ix9ine referred to their daughter as “that little girl” before disconnecting the call!

Sara Molina got pissed off taking to her IG page to air her grievances!

“I swear my baby father is hurt punk b*tch Lmfaooo I can’t make this sh!t up!”

She would then give the story of what happened! MM could not raise a reaction from 6ix9ine at the time of going live with this story!

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