Sun. Jan 17th, 2021

Tekashi 6ix9ine has been MIA for a minute now online since his new album (can’t remember the name) flopped!

The rapper and “snitch” who has been getting isolated by the rap community hard since he told on his own crew getting them locked up for years and walking free and now considered FED informer has not been able to find a footing in the culture since coming home!

But you gotta give it to Tekashi 69 he keeps trying and will not go away! Whenever he sees an opportunity that looks like it can give him an in back to the fold, he quickly tries to take it!

He took an interview with the Shaderoom hoping that it will bring him back in the fold! I think it was the only one willing to interview him after his snitching ways!

After that he was exposed by a couple top voices in the culture while he was trying to get on their platforms! He has also been trying to take up any opportunity that gives him a chance to be seen hanging with the culture influencers in-vain!

And this is where Gervonta comes in! After spotting him in the club, 6ix9ine immediately tried to approach him so they could hang out together! He send out bottles to Gervonta, asked if they could chill but Gervonta refused and returned the bottles with a note labelled; SNITCH!

6ix9ine lost it and was ready to throw punches with Gervonta who was busy asking him to come over and get beat! Their people never allowed them even to get close to each other but from a distance they were throwing words at each other!

Gervonta later posted on his Instagram about 6ix9ine being a snitch and what not! Check out the videos below and let us know what you think on the comments down below!

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