Thu. Jan 21st, 2021
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Who cancelled Quando Rondo’s show?

It would appear the fans were onto the rapper after claimed the mayor and police had canceled his show yesterday and even went as far as trying to prove his point!

Fans would catch him lying after he posted a video of the alleged cops cancelling his show at the venue except the date on the clip was 2018!

After the gap, fans rained hell and storm on the rapper forcing him to delete everything on his IG page and actually run him off the internet!

Basically Quando Rondo had been caught cancelling his own show running scared of retribution for the murder of King Avon by his man Lul Timm!

In enters 600 Breezy who asked fans to let go of their attacks on Quando claiming he was ready to kill himself!

The rapper then posted a clip of his song where he raps about n*gas being dead on their own block!

He then gave green light for Quando Rondo’s elimination!

Quando would not take the threats lying down and popped back online taking to his IG live where he showed himself armed to the teeth with a face mask and guns complete with laser guide!

The rapper also said he did not have any more shows booked and was staying indoors!

What do you think of this new beef? Let us know on the comments down below because it’s on!

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